Aluminum CNC Enclosure


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These are CNC-cut aluminum boxes in popular sizes for projects of all types. Designed for magnet closure (magnets included while supplies last) with a thumbnail groove in the cover. Matte finishes, exact shades may vary slightly. Various sizes available in various anodized and raw finishes. Many of these sizes may be similar to certain popular Hammond box sizes. Quality generally A to B+.

Measurements are in mm within +/- 0.1mm or so.

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Red 100x50x25, Red 106x50x25, Red 103.1×52.1×29.2, Purple 100x50x25, Purple 100.6×40.9×34, Purple 101.6×40.9×33.8, Blue 100x50x31.4, Blue 100x50x25, Green 100x50x31.4, Green 103.1×42.1×29.2, Black 100x50x25.2, Black 103.2x52x28.9, Black 100.5×40.9×33.2, Teal 100.5×40.9×34.1, Gray 103.1x52x29, Raw 103.1x52x29, Raw 106.4x50x31, Pink 89.9×57.5×25.8


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